Membership Rewards Program

Use your MEMBERSHIP CARD at CLOVERDALE PAINT for up to 25% discount on all  regularly priced paint products and wallpaper, plus up to 15% on regularly priced tools and  supplies at any Cloverdale Paint Store in Western Canada.
We are in their computer system as Municipal Pension Retirees' Association not MPRAlink to website

 Use your MEMBERSHIP CARD at LORDCO for discounts off all regularly priced items at all LORDCO stores in B.C. We are in their computer system as "MPRA", West Kelowna is the head office. link to website These discounts do not apply on any sale items.
Use your MEMBERSHIP CARD at all Corporate NAPA AUTO PARTS stores in BC (under MPRA in system account #4247) for discounts on their products. link to website
COLLETTE TRAVEL , a world wide travel company since 1918 and in Canada for 25 years, is offering you as an MPRA member discounts on hundreds of tours.  You can go directly to their web site to explore your vacation plans or use your current Travel Agent (mention you are a MPRA member)for the discounts.You can book directly by calling 1-866-246-8687 or from the web sit   link to website
TRIP MERCHANT  link to website
 PERKOPOLIS   link to website