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Municipal Pension Retirees' Association


British Columbia Municipal Pension Retirees (both union and members of management) WHO are eligible to join our association are listed below:

  • Police Officers

  • Firefighters

  • Parks and Recreation Employees
  • Library Employees
  • City and Regional District Employees
  • Municipal Employees
  • Health Care Employees including non Nursing Support Staff, Practical nurses, Care Aides, Registered Nurses, Psychiatric Nurses
  • Health Science Professionals
  • Social Services and Community Employees
  • First Nations Health Agencies
  • School District Employees except Teachers and
  • Others who contributed to the Municipal Pension Plan
  • Survivors/Beneficiary

Click Here to view a list of employers that contribute to the Municipal Pension Plan 

The Municipal Pension Plan, our pension plan, is the largest public pension plan in British Columbia, the sixth-largest pension plan in the country. With representation on, or connections with other committees, such as the Municipal Pension Plan Board of Trustees (MPBT), the Municipal Employees Pension Committee (MEPC), the Municipal Employees Pension Advisory Committee (MEPAC), the Health Benefit Trust, and other Public Pension Retiree Associations in BC, we have the opportunity to have input to the decisions that are made concerning our pensions, benefits, and areas of concern for retirees. 

Why Join the MPRA

  • An Association of retirees managed by retirees.

  • Your voice regarding pension and benefit issues. 

  • Biannual MPRA newsletters (The Advisor).

  • 33 Local districts within B.C. includes 1 Out of Province

  • Get your first calendar year membership FREE.

  • An opportunity to share your knowledge and experience.

  • A network of retirees and friends.

Annual dues are $22.00 per member and $40.00 per couple. New members who receive a MPP Pension will be offered a free membership for the calendar year in which they apply. These members must provide their PID number for automatic dues deduction in all subsequent years. Your PID Number can be found on your Municipal Pension Plan Statement or on your Pacific Blue Cross Card.

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  • Advocate to our Member of Parliament to create a National Pharmacare Program
  • Advocate for full coverage of Regular Eye Examinations
  • Advocate for standardization &  coverage of Driver’s Medical Examination Report
  • Lobby Provincial and Federal Governments to find ways to reduce the cost and maintenance of hearing aids
  • Pursue a voice and seat at the Municipal Employees Pension Committee which would enhance participation at the Plan Partners Meetings.

mpp 2023 aGM


2023 Annual General Meeting

Date: October 12, 2023
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The agenda:

  • Welcome from the board chair
  • 2022 financial highlights
  • Our path to net-zero
  • Investment update
  • Message from the Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust board chair
  • What's ahead
  • Q&A session

Join early to meet with representatives from BC Pension Corporation, Municipal Retiree Benefit Trust and retiree group benefits provider Pacific Blue Cross in breakout rooms from 9:00 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.

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Please leave us a message at 250-768-1519 if you are calling after these hours and we will return your call the next business day.

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