Review the Event Calendar for your district meeting

Future Events   The Provincial Executive on March 27th voted unanimously to cancel this event due to COVID-19.         

The Municipal Pension Retirees' Association will be holding its biennial reporting meeting (in even numbered year) on May 07, 2020 in Penticton.  The meeting is at the Penticton Lakeside Conference Centre, 21 Lakeshore Drive, Penticton BC V2A 7M5 commencing at 10:30 and ending at 2:30.  A light lunch will be served so if you are planning on attending please notify the office so the proper amount of food and refreshments and seating if provided.  The hotel is offering room rates ($164 & $179 plus taxes) for our members, so if you wish to reserve please call 1 250 493 8221 and let them know you are a member.  We have a block of rooms reserved.

 As of March 27th our Association has not yet been informed of the meeting below being cancelled.  When we know we will post the information provided to us.

The Municipal Pension Plan AGM is scheduled to be held on Thursday, October 15, 2020 from 10:00 am. until 12:00 noon at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster. 

The Board of Trustees will be making presentations and taking your questions about the Plan.  Set this date aside and plan to attend.  We have had very good representations by our members in previous meetings.