Future Events


        *When does the registration have to be completed to join the Webcast?

        *Is there a limit to how many people can join the Webcast?

        *Is the Webcast available to join in all areas of the Province?

        *Is the Webcast interactive? Will they be able to ask questions and have them answered during the meeting?

        *If questions are able to be accepted during the meeting , what is the method? (email, type on a live feed?)


- There is currently no due date for registrations, it is currently open and remains open during the live webcast as well as after the webcast in order to access the archive.

- The limit of simultaneous users being able to join the webcast is approximately 800 users.

- All countries and provinces can join the webcast, it is not limited to locations.

- The Questions feature is currently enabled, allowing users to ask questions. The questions are currently being sent to the [email protected] inbox.

- The questions can either be viewed via the e-mail inbox of [email protected], or via a live window that the technician on site can supply access to.